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Monday, December 15, 2008

Has the Gallery Downturn Reversed?

Today is the 2nd week in a row that we have had an increase in the number of galleries on the list. This is after a very worrisome 6 week steady decline in the number of galleries on the list. For the first time ever there have been consistently more gallery closures than openings during a significant period of time. Click the chart to see a larger version.

Note that the apparent decline that you see in the chart during early 2008 was due to my transition to a new kiosk system that gave much more accurate counts, so there was some weeding out of a lot of old, dead links during that time.

So what does this mean? Why did we have such a steady decline for so long? My observations are that some of the gallery closures were due to OpenSpaces closing left and right during those weeks, but I would estimate that it wasn't a majority of the closures, but I'd guess maybe a quarter, possibly less were directly due to OpenSpaces closing.

I haven't correlated this trend to other SL statistics that might shed some light on this decline. Were there other declines during the same time period? Perhaps gallery growth follows some other indicator, I don't know.

It's encouraging to see this long slow slide reverse, though it's only been two weeks we've jumped right back up to previous highs, once again over 550 on the list. I have also been a bit more diligent about inviting galleries that I don't recognize to join the list, so perhaps the jump was due in some part to me directly, but even still most of the new galleries on the list in the last two weeks I didn't personally invite.

Only time will tell whether this is the end of our little gallery recession or not!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Fixed SLURLS and a big fat RSS feed for you!

For the longest time I didn't realize that a lot of blog readers/aggregators ignored secondlife:// style SLURLs. So from now on all links in this blog are, unfortuantely, http://slurl.com style SLURLs so that all the aggregators won't strip the darn links out to all the galleries. I hate the extra wait 'n click to go through slurl.com, but it seems it's a necessary evil. At least now the RSS feed from here can be properly syndicated with links to galleries that actually work :\

In other news, I have a test version of something very very cool - a consolidated RSS feed of all the RSS feeds from everyone on this gallery list! So now with one feed you can follow ALL of the galleries on this site. Cool huh! I've been working hard to get it to work, and let me tell you it was NOT EASY. But it's working and you can subscribe at http://sasun.info. I've got a few kinks to work out, such as duplicate blog entries showing up (I'll get to it) and it's not sorted by date like it's supposed to be (IE will sort it by date anyways, but FireFox doesn't), and I will be filtering non-gallery type blogs from the list in the near future too. Some gallery owners just put weird blog links into their kiosks that have nothing to do with their gallery or even art in SL.

Subscribe today and let me know what you think! This is a great one-stop shopping way to keep up with all the gallery events and activites. Yay!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crashinews Interview

The following are some excerpts of an interview I did on Nov 18 2008 for Crashinews, an italian news show. Just in case you wanted to hear me blather on about art in SL!

Papper Papp: you are in SL since ...
Papper Papp: 2005!!!!
Sasun Steinbeck: September 2005, yes
Sasun Steinbeck: just over 3 years now
Sasun Steinbeck: I've seen a lot of changes :)
Papper Papp: how did u find sl? and why did u log in ?
Papper Papp: :))
Sasun Steinbeck: just to give you an idea of the growth I've seen, when I started maintaining the list of SL Art Galleries from Pathfinder Linden, there were no more than about 40-50 galleries on there
Sasun Steinbeck: Now, there are over 550 art galleries on the list. Just amazing growth.
Papper Papp: cool!
Sasun Steinbeck: I read about SL in some magazine somewhere... it was so long ago. It said that everything was built by the residents, which caught my interest.
Sasun Steinbeck: So I just logged in to check it out and it was love at first sight.
Papper Papp: how did u get this wonderful idea about galleries?
Sasun Steinbeck: I was captivated by the creativity I saw, and that's what's held me here the whole time, the massive creativity I see every day in the sims, the builds, the architecture, the art, the experiences people create for others to enjoy. It's truly a magical place!
Sasun Steinbeck: I was good friends with an art gallery owner when I first started SL. I think we had a mutual friend that I met in a sandbox somewhere. Her name was Savi Sieyes, and she had a sandbox where we hung out a lot. So I was hanging around in art galleries ever since the very beginning :)
Sasun Steinbeck: One of the most rewarding things to me in my entire SL experience is to hear from other artists that tell me they were inspired by my sculpture. Artists that have gone far beyond what I've done and taken new kinds of art in new directions that were inspired by something I did (among other influences of course), that's just such an incredibly gratifying thing for me :)
Papper Papp: I can imagine :)
Papper Papp: sharing is important for the new kind of artists
Sasun Steinbeck: Yes I agree, I really think it's important for artists to get together to share experience and help new members of the art community get integrated into SL and exposed to all the great stuff going on.
Sasun Steinbeck: My particular passion is for the art gallery owners, I have a large group that helps new gallery owners (many of whom own very small boutique galleries of their own works) get started and share experience.
Papper Papp: what do you think about the future about art in sl and about sl ?
Sasun Steinbeck: I think that art in SL (and this applies to other virtual worlds too) is going to dramatically increase in importance and visibility in the RL art world
Papper Papp: I agree
Sasun Steinbeck: The reason is that only in a virtual 3D world can you *experience* an art installation and become part of it in ways that simply can't be done in RL.
Papper Papp: sure!
Sasun Steinbeck: My sculpture is also a good example of real SL art that simply can't be taken out into RL and experienced the same way, not even close.
Sasun Steinbeck: You can't morph a physical object, or fly into a giant sphere of flowers, or experience moving prims like you can in SL.

Papper Papp: you make me feel scripting as an ART
Sasun Steinbeck: I'm glad that when I first started SL I decided to pick ONE thing and do it well. I chose scripting, since I recognized that as the "magic sauce" behind all the really innovative things I had seen up to that point, and I wanted the magic sauce recipe!
Papper Papp: it's a sort of challenge :)
Sasun Steinbeck: You raise an excellent point. I strongly believe that the really interesting art in SL is the union between scripting and artistic design. That's not to say there isn't some *excellent* 2D art and really nice 3D art with moving textures. But I still think that there's a huge unexplored frontier of art in SL when you combine scripted objects with art, just waiting to be explored. Trust me you haven't seen anything yet!! We will see some amazing things in the future. The SL artist of tomorrow needs to learn some new skills, and one of them is scripting!
Sasun Steinbeck: I can only hope that my sculpture inspires some artists to learn LSL and try some new experiments, it's just one small example of what can be accomplished, there's so much more that could be done.
Papper Papp: yes, it's important to use SL at 100%
Sasun Steinbeck: I have seen some very successful collaboration between artists, builders, texture experts, sound experts, and scripters. You don't need to know everything... sometimes the trick is to find the people that do! If you understand what can be done in those different areas, you can dream up some new possibilities and find someone to help you create it. SL is a very collaborative environment, so don't be afraid to get out there and collaborate! Two crazy people are better than one :)
Papper Papp: great!
Sasun Steinbeck: :)
Papper Papp: "Two crazy people are better than one :)"
Papper Papp: LOL
Sasun Steinbeck: LOL! It's so true :) You can't create something really special if you're not a little crazy!
Papper Papp: yepp
Sasun Steinbeck: And let me tell you, I know plenty of crazy artists :)
Papper Papp: I am an artist too
Papper Papp: I know
Papper Papp: LOL
Sasun Steinbeck: hahahaa yes you know then :)
Papper Papp: yepp

Sasun Steinbeck: there are so many good photographers in SL
Papper Papp: yepp
Sasun Steinbeck: that's another area that will be very interesting in the future
Papper Papp: I am sure about it
Sasun Steinbeck: I think it's really really important to document what is going on with art in SL, architecture, sim design... everything
Papper Papp: yes
Sasun Steinbeck: and Photographers can capture that essence
Sasun Steinbeck: unlike anyone else
Papper Papp: there are disappeared places in sl
Papper Papp: they still live in pics
Papper Papp: :)
Sasun Steinbeck: yes! I'm so sad to see some of the amazing sims going away :(
Sasun Steinbeck: because of the OpenSpace debacle
Sasun Steinbeck: some beautiful art sims
Papper Papp: I am thinking to make an exhibition with pics of lost sims
Sasun Steinbeck: You know, I have noticed that growth in the number of art galleries has stalled since then, and is actually declining. And I am pretty darn sure it's because of gallery closures due to OpenSpace closures :(
Papper Papp: ( I had this idea in this moment lol )
Sasun Steinbeck: Oh wow that is an excellent idea!
Sasun Steinbeck: I like that, lost spaces :D

Sasun Steinbeck: as you can see growth peaked maybe 4 weeks ago and has been on a slow decline since then
Sasun Steinbeck: sometimes these declines are temporary, but you can see from the dots on the chart... this decline is not reversing
Papper Papp: unbelievable
Sasun Steinbeck: I believe the OpenSpace issues are hurting the art world in a significant way from looking at this
Sasun Steinbeck: each dot on the line is one week
Sasun Steinbeck: overall the growth has been phenomenal as you can see
Papper Papp: yes
Sasun Steinbeck: so hopefully this is a temporary hiccup
Sasun Steinbeck: This latest decline has me worried, but it hasn't been very long, what may happen is that after the galleries on OpenSpace sims close, they may reopen elsewhere, and growth may continue.
Sasun Steinbeck: So we'll see! I remain hopeful :)
Papper Papp: what do u think about opensims?
Sasun Steinbeck: That's an interesting question, there will obviously be a lot of art galleries on OpenSims and I'm wondering how in the world I'll ever keep track of all of those different islands of grids out there....
Papper Papp: I am not sure that OpenSims could be a good thing for sl :))
Sasun Steinbeck: I'm worried about influential people in the art scene saying that SL is dead and encouraging people to leave... I think it's inevitable that people will migrate to open sims, but I totally disagree that the sky is falling here in SL. I will wait and see like everyone else what happens with all these different grids that will be growing, I'm worried about the fact that it will pull people away from SL.
Papper Papp: but they represent the future in the opinion of most people
Papper Papp: I agree: in Italy journalists are writing about the sl death
Sasun Steinbeck: Yeah I think it's a dangerous thing to suck paying residents away from SL, it can only hurt LL. Some people may not give a damn, but if LL goes out of business, things around here may be VERY bad, who knows. I think people beat up LL FAR more than they deserve, they are pioneers in this space and this is all one huge experiment. Yeah they make mistakes, they're learning as they go.
Sasun Steinbeck: I'm very interested to see people's frustration level with all of the open sim owners, I'm sure they will be saying, wow SL wasn't so bad :)
Papper Papp: :)) yeah
Sasun Steinbeck: It does represent the future, but I think SL will ALWAYS be the biggest player, they have been doing this for a long time and contrary to people that really don't know what the hell they are talking about, LL IS the industry expert when it comes to running a 3D virtual world business.
Sasun Steinbeck: Unless they really screw up, they can keep innovating and stay ahead of the pack. But that can change of course :)
Sasun Steinbeck: Yeah I think there will be lots of lost places as OpenSims grids come and go. There will be a huge shakeout to see who survives and who doesn't. Lots of lost places :(
Papper Papp: :(
Papper Papp: one of lost places is
Papper Papp: virtual starry
Papper Papp: :(
Sasun Steinbeck: hm not sure if I've heard of that one
Sasun Steinbeck: I don't think I've been there
Sasun Steinbeck: So for someone like me, your photos may be all that I'll ever see of it :(
Papper Papp: :(
Sasun Steinbeck: So I think it's great that someone is documenting those places.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Content Theft by Artists in SL

I wanted to raise awareness of content theft by artists. In my experience talking to many many artists and gallery owners, the majority of problems with copyright violations are simply due to ignorance of copyright law. Yes, it is usually illegal (not to mention unethical) to just take some random picture you got from "somewhere" on the intewebz, upload it to SL and sell it for profit. In some cases that I've looked into, it's deliberate, some "artists" is uploading images blatantly stolen from somewhere, and deceptively passed off as their own for profit. But this is thankfully rare. In almost all cases I've seen, it happens simply due to ignorance. People are under the mistaken impression that just because they find an image on google search or that they got from Uncle Bob in email that there is no copyright associated with that image. Or because they got an image for free, it is ok for them to resell it for a profit.

Gallery owners need to do their part to avoid content theft in SL, and I consider using content or graphics from outside of SL that they do NOT have permission to sell as content theft, plain and simple. If it's wrong to snarf a texture of someone else's painting in SL and sell it, then it's wrong to upload something stolen from outside of SL and sell it as well.

What to do? Be SURE to ask any artists whose art you are displaying this simple question: "Are YOU the content creator of these textures and/or prims? If no, do you have legal permission either via license or from the content creator to sell them?" Just because they created the prim that their texture is slapped on doesn't mean they didn't steal the texture. So check with your artists, don't assume. Don't be an unwitting partner to the sale of stolen goods. You have a responsibility to ensure that your gallery does NOT participate in content theft in any way, shape or form. At the same time, don't assume that an artist that is a bit ignorant of the law is an evil scumbag. Some well meaning people just don't think about these things. Make them aware that it's wrong, it's theft, and we don't do that in SL, where many people make a living off the things they create.

At that point you will need to use your best judgement on whether the theft was indeed deliberate or not. If I were you, I'd err on the safe side and seriously consider asking that artist to pack up and leave unless you truly are convinced it was simple ignorance. If you have any questions or want a 2nd opinion, or would like an independant 3rd party to confront and discuss the issue with the artist, please let me know, I'd be glad to help.

Monday, September 22, 2008

What? No Blog For Your Gallery? Shame!

Make a blog for your gallery! It's a great way to announce events and keep your fans updated. It's so easy to get started. I'd highly recommend using Blogger.com for your blog. I'd highly recommend you DO NOT use wordpress.com - you can not put secondlife:// links in a wordpress blog and they have no plans to change that. BOO! But those links work fine in a blogger.com blog. All of my links are secondlife:// links here.

Slurl.com links are in general bad - why go to an intermediary website that just makes you click one more button - and guess what that "Teleport" button that pops up is for every link to slurl.com? Yep, and secondlife:// link. So skip the middle man and ALWAYS use secondlife:// links.

Once you have your blog set up, go update your RSS entry in your kiosk, and the following monday you will see an [RSS] link next to your gallery name, so people can find your RSS feed and add it to their favorite aggregator (I recommend using Google Reader, btw). Having a blog is one very simple and effective way of marketing your gallery in a fun and effective way. Give it time, don't get discouraged if no one reads your blog at first. Just keep at it, keep it up to date, write about SL art related things that interest you, and your readers will come.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gallery Tour HUD problems

Did you know that the gallery tour HUD that is given out to each person that clicks a kiosk is by far the most accurate list of locations in SL? This is because the database of locations that are used to update the HUD once a week is updated automatically by the kiosks themselves - it is impossible to maintain such a huge list of locations manually. However there are the usual glitches and gotchas that cause you to land on the occasional empty lot at one of the locations in the HUD. Here's why.
  • The actual data in the HUD is not completely automatically updated. Though gallery locations are updated immediatly in the database (see http://sasun.info for the live data) I have to dump that data to a custom script that formats the data to the correct formats for the in-world notecards, the HUDs, and for the blog. This is done every sunday night. This means that if a gallery moves, it won't be corrected until the following sunday. So monday morning, the list is completely 100% up to date and slowly degrades a little until sunday as galleries come and go.
  • There is a longstanding bug that causes the map to display incorrect x/y/z coordinates when using the llMapDestination() LSL call. Sometimes it will show the correct sim but the x/y/z coodinates from the LAST location that llMapDestination() showed on the map. I've worked around this with a trick. If I call llMapDestination twice with the same exact location data with a short delay between them, the second call always works. You can see this when the map pops up, then 2 seconds later, it shifts over a bit. If you click too fast when the map pops up, you may go to the wrong location and the map will pop up again. Give it two seconds after it pops, then click. Extra laggy sims may need more time!
  • Telehubs and forced landing points will stop you from dropping in front of the gallery kiosk on sims that have telehubs and parcels that have forced landing points. You can tell this is the case because you'll see the big red arrow and red ring on the map but you will be somewhere else. All you can do is fly to the arrow and you'll find the kiosk right there. Ask the parcel owner if they can turn off their forced landing point, that's about all you can do. Just realize it might not be their fault, if the sim owner has a telehub set up for the sim, there's nothing the parcel owners/renters can do except complain to the sim owner.

So what should you do if you find a bad location in the HUD? Go to http://sasun.info and see if the gallery has moved. If it's there, and the location still points to an empty lot, I just haven't gotten around to cleaning it off the list (which I do manually every day or so). If it's not there at all, that means the gallery just plain closed doors, I removed the inactive location from the database after confirming that the kiosk is gone, and the owner has not rezzed their gallery kiosk elsewhere. Rez your HUD after monday morning to get the new HUD automatically and check again with the search function in the HUD.

BTW did you know that the HUD can be used for private group tours? They have a very nice group tour mode that can help herd a pack of tourists from one location to another. Please contact me for help if you are interested, this feature is still in testing.

Happy gallery exploring!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sasun's Top SL Galleries

From time to time I'm asked what my favorite art gallery is. Of course I could never narrow it down to just one, but out of the nearly 500 galleries just on this list, just a handful have made it on to my personal list of favorites, and I'd like to share it with you. This is entirely personal and subjective. I tend to recommend bigger galleries with a lot of diversity, high quality, and prefer 3D scripted art experiences. If you know of a gallery that you believe should be on this best of the best list, please comment! And now the list, in no particular order:

  • Artropolis - Filthy Fluno
  • Crescent Moon Museum - Tayzia Abattoir
  • Museum of Hyperformalism - Dancoyote Antonelli
  • The Grand Gallery - Tommy Parrott
  • SL Art Community Center - Mar Dwi
  • Studio 33 - Monroe Snook
  • Arthole - Nebulosus Severine and Arahan Claveau
  • Welsh Bay Gallery (and surrounding sims!) - Alexandar Vargas
  • Blackwater Sculpture Art Gallery - Jurin Juran
  • Tubular Gallery (multiple locations) - elros Tuominen
  • Dakota Skies Cultural Center & Galleries - Dakota Dreamscape
  • Cienega Soon Juicy Gallery - Cienega Soon
  • AngelGate Gallery - White Lebed

About This Blog

This blog was the former host of my Art Galleries of SL directory, but is now used for my musings, news, and thoughts about the art scene in Second Life. I love your comments so please don't hesitate to add your thoughts!

Monday, June 30, 2008


This week I've decided to bring back the photography category again. I've also made some modifications to combine the HUDs together into one. There is a new menu on startup that let's you choose between the general gallery locations, the photography locations, and the erotic locations, so now it's all in one HUD. To get a HUD to play with, go here and click the kiosk.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Latest projects

Got a nice mention on the SLART® blog on some projects I've been working on. Check out my new Gallery Map! I've also been working to move the gallery database off-world into a SQL database to help with reporting and maintenance and that work is going well. Soon I'll have a live view of the most current database linked here for your viewing pleasure.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Group Griefing? Good Grief!

This story is just too good not to tell. I discovered a few days ago that someone named BAALPEOR Panacek (yes, his first name is all caps) created a group named "Art Gallery Owners (FREE PROMOTIONS)". Now I own a large group called "Art Gallery Owners" which is a large group for gallery owners/lovers. No one is allowed to post notices on it, it's for me to announce updates of my gallery list and for discussion of interest to gallery owners. Event announcements are not allowed as per the group charter. Needless to say, it gets my panties in a bind when someone doesn't bother to read the group charter and spams my group.

So this guy BALLPEOR spams the group one day with an event announcement about his art gallery and I respond as per below:

Sasun Steinbeck: Hi BAALPEOR, please read the group charter. Absolutely no event announcements, thank you
BAALPEOR Panacek: Ok. This is new gallery. I dont it?
Sasun Steinbeck: please read the group charter. Absolutely no event announcements
BAALPEOR Panacek: Ok, sorry.
Sasun Steinbeck: if you'd like to join my gallery list I'll give you one of my kiosks
Sasun Steinbeck: rez it for detailed information on how to join
BAALPEOR Panacek: Ok, thank You.

[I visit the gallery real quick. It's an ugly gallery full of art he obviously just downloaded from the internet and is selling for profit. My opinion of him immediately plummets.]

Sasun Steinbeck: you DO have the proper legal rights to sell the art you are selling, correct?
BAALPEOR Panacek: Ok, correct, i make it. Thank You.
Sasun Steinbeck: actually, just delete that kiosk, your gallery doesn't have any original art, just art you copied off the internet
Sasun Steinbeck: are you absolutely sure you have the legal right to sell all this art?
BAALPEOR Panacek: it is medieval artist
Sasun Steinbeck: Dali is a medieval artist?
BAALPEOR Panacek: I have half of gallery, Hieronymus Bosch, Peter Breughel.
Sasun Steinbeck: ok
BAALPEOR Panacek: I tell to partner, about this.

[ok, good enough for me, whatever. I don't know who actually does or doesn't have copyright on all the art in his gallery and whether or not he actually has legal rights to sell it for profit, but I asked. Unless he tells me it's really his art mixed in with the classics he's got for sale there, he's not going on the list. I never hear from him again.]

Now fast forward to last week where I discover his group "Art Gallery Owners (FREE PROMOTIONS)". The following is our conversation over the course of the next week or so.

Sasun Steinbeck: Hi Baalpeor, what is the purpose of your Art Gallery Owners group?
Sasun Steinbeck: did you realize that there is already an Art Gallery Owners group?

[I've noticed that there are legit art gallery owners on his group. I'm concerned since I tell art gallery owners that get on my list to join my Art Gallery Owners group and I don't want them joining the wrong group and thinking I have anything to do with his spam group.]

Sasun Steinbeck: hello?
Sasun Steinbeck: Hi Baalpeor, are you there?
Sasun Steinbeck: I see you're online
Sasun Steinbeck: I'm wondering why you're not responding
[I'm miffed that I'm being ignored. I eventually assume that he camps somewhere 24x7, since he's always online.]

BAALPEOR Panacek: Hi Sasun, my group is Czech advertising group.
Sasun Steinbeck: can you please note that in your group charter? Since you named your group exactly the same as mine, it's confusing people that are looking for my group. I don't understand why you named it the same as my group, now everyone is just confused.
Sasun Steinbeck: why do you show as a member of my group but are hiding the fact that you are a member of your own group? This is all very strange.
BAALPEOR Panacek: Hi, Sasun. I established this group to be an advertising group. I want to allow a presentation to the galleries owners. If you are interested, I can sell you this group, I resign and you will become the owner. One member costs 10,- LD.

[OMG. Did I just read that right? This guy is offering for me to buy his group so that I can delete it? Is this like a ransom request? He obviously could care less about his group members if he's ready to abandon them for a few filty lucre, sheesh. OK so I play along and see where this goes, it's just too weird not to at this point. I'm also getting spammed on a regular basis from all the random crap people are advertising on this group. It's horrible and already driving me crazy.]

Sasun Steinbeck: OK I'll buy the group from you for that amount. Make me an owner and quit the group and I'll pay you.
Sasun Steinbeck: what do you think?
BAALPEOR Panacek: Ok, Sasun I make You owner, pay me, an I quit from group.

[At this point, I'm getting angry. I'm always one to assume good intent, but at this point, I've changed my mind. I think he's doing this on purpose. Why is he hiding his own membership in his own group? Could this be some kind of griefing designed to make money from legit large group owners? Well, Let's see if he'll make me an owner before I pay him a dime, shall we?]

Sasun Steinbeck: you need to make me an owner and leave the group
Sasun Steinbeck: and Vera Eales need to leave the group as well

[Vera is another group owner, so she's gotta go]

BAALPEOR Panacek: Contact me, we meet, Vera now isnt owner.

[Wow he got her to resign as group owner, cool. At this point my plan is to get group owner control of this group and nuke it off the face of the earth, along with his ransom payment.]

Sasun Steinbeck: you still haven't made me owner, please do that now.
Sasun Steinbeck: If you want to sell this group to me so that I can delete it, please make me owner.

BAALPEOR Panacek: Sasun, after pay, ok?

[Interesting that he doesn't deny that he's selling the group to me to delete. It's my strong opinion now that this is nothing but a clever form of griefing. He knows I'm going to delete the group. I'm convinced he created it just to convince me to buy it from him. But I want to get him to admit it first.]

BAALPEOR Panacek: You are now owner, i will out after pay.
BAALPEOR Panacek: 530 L$.

[OMG. He made me owner. He can't boot me out now. I can't boot him either, but I'm now in complete control of the group. First order of business is to turn off group notices and stop the spam. Maybe he won't notice for a few days. Technically, we have not agreed on anything. I agreed to pay him after he leaves the group. He wants me to pay him first. Yeah right.]

Sasun Steinbeck: ok let me get this straight and make sure I understand this. You are ransoming this group to me for 530L so that I can delete it. You purposefully named it very similar to my group so that it would cause confusion with people looking to join my LEGITIMATE art gallery owners group. your group, in fact, has NOTHING to do with art gallery owners. you want me to pay you 530 so that I can delete it. What's going to stop you from creating ANOTHER group with a name smiliar to mine in order to cause confusion and ransom that group off to me again??

BAALPEOR Panacek: I have offered the group,...you dont want...immediately leave it! If you dont do it, you will be sorry.

[Uh oh. He's catching on. The scammer has been scammed. Even still I'm giving him a chance to explain his actions on why he created this group and named it the same as mine then offered to sell it to me to delete. Apparently I will be sorry if I don't. Hm, not sure about that, this is rather entertaining so far.]

BAALPEOR Panacek has offered to become your friend in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer.

[Awww my new friend, how nice. Sure I'll be his pal.]

[Update: I've been pwnd. He made everyone in the group owners! LOL! Now no one is booting anyone and he gave up control of the group completely!]

Sasun Steinbeck: Looks like I'm not going to be buying your group after all, you made EVERYONE an owner. That was pretty stupid.

BAALPEOR Panacek: Fine Sasun, You dont me paid 530 L$, I giv this group all members ad I out from this group. Now I will build new group, Art Gallery Owners (Free advertising). We meet near. Bye :))

[What a sad, sad man. I wonder if his next victim will pay.]

[Update: He's created ANOTHER group trying to cash in on my group name and suck in unsuspecting gallery owners looking for my group. It's called "ART GALLERY OWNERS ..." (note the "..." he added). It's a spam group, and isn't very big, so hopefully not too many gallery owners are fooled.]