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Friday, July 4, 2008

Sasun's Top SL Galleries

From time to time I'm asked what my favorite art gallery is. Of course I could never narrow it down to just one, but out of the nearly 500 galleries just on this list, just a handful have made it on to my personal list of favorites, and I'd like to share it with you. This is entirely personal and subjective. I tend to recommend bigger galleries with a lot of diversity, high quality, and prefer 3D scripted art experiences. If you know of a gallery that you believe should be on this best of the best list, please comment! And now the list, in no particular order:

  • Artropolis - Filthy Fluno
  • Crescent Moon Museum - Tayzia Abattoir
  • Museum of Hyperformalism - Dancoyote Antonelli
  • The Grand Gallery - Tommy Parrott
  • SL Art Community Center - Mar Dwi
  • Studio 33 - Monroe Snook
  • Arthole - Nebulosus Severine and Arahan Claveau
  • Welsh Bay Gallery (and surrounding sims!) - Alexandar Vargas
  • Blackwater Sculpture Art Gallery - Jurin Juran
  • Tubular Gallery (multiple locations) - elros Tuominen
  • Dakota Skies Cultural Center & Galleries - Dakota Dreamscape
  • Cienega Soon Juicy Gallery - Cienega Soon
  • AngelGate Gallery - White Lebed


  1. Hi Sasun,

    Thank you for including Arthole in your list of fave galleries, I'm very pleased you rate it so highly.

    We've recently started a blog and have added your site in the links list. Here's the URL - http://artholeblog.blogspot.com

    Take care,

  2. Hello Sasun

    Thank you for wondering around Juicy and including my gallery in your list of faves.

    I am so encouraged by your steadfast work to bring attention to the whole of SL's artistic talent.

    Your sincere attention to this is in it self an artistic expression of high caliber. I am truly honored to be a part in anyway.

    The Best