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Monday, September 22, 2008

What? No Blog For Your Gallery? Shame!

Make a blog for your gallery! It's a great way to announce events and keep your fans updated. It's so easy to get started. I'd highly recommend using Blogger.com for your blog. I'd highly recommend you DO NOT use wordpress.com - you can not put secondlife:// links in a wordpress blog and they have no plans to change that. BOO! But those links work fine in a blogger.com blog. All of my links are secondlife:// links here.

Slurl.com links are in general bad - why go to an intermediary website that just makes you click one more button - and guess what that "Teleport" button that pops up is for every link to slurl.com? Yep, and secondlife:// link. So skip the middle man and ALWAYS use secondlife:// links.

Once you have your blog set up, go update your RSS entry in your kiosk, and the following monday you will see an [RSS] link next to your gallery name, so people can find your RSS feed and add it to their favorite aggregator (I recommend using Google Reader, btw). Having a blog is one very simple and effective way of marketing your gallery in a fun and effective way. Give it time, don't get discouraged if no one reads your blog at first. Just keep at it, keep it up to date, write about SL art related things that interest you, and your readers will come.

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  1. Your point of view is interesting in regards to direct tp links vs. SLurl's. We always use SLurl's in our blog. We've found that not all of our readers have the SL Viewer installed on their computers and if they click a direct tp link, their web browser will only display a message that it cannot open the link. The use of a SLurl can be very helpful - if you are not a member of SL you can join right from the SLurl page instead of just getting a "cannot open page" message. A SLurl can also be bookmarked in your browser for later reference and can include a picture and custom message which invites new users and customers. By using only direct tp links, you actually could be shutting the door on potential new viewers and customers! In Wordpress you can simply change the URL for a link in the codeview while writing a post. We like to include both kinds of links in our blog!