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Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Changes!

I've decided with how well the new kiosks are working to migrate the list completely to a new website. There are a few huge advantages of this move. The view on the new website at http://sasun.info/ArtGalleriesOfSL.aspx is completely up to date and very accurate. As soon as your gallery kiosk is rezzed and configured, it will show up there within seconds. Ditto with any changes you make. This means no more waiting a week for changes to appear here on this blog! Everything is completely live there, which saves me some time as well dumping all that data to a spreadsheet to be sorted and converted to HTML and posted here every week.

This blog will definitely continue to exist, but will be just a "normal" blog where I will continue to post news and thoughs about Art and Galleries in SL. I'm excited about this change and hope you will be too.

Next on the improvement agenda is the tour HUD. Today the tour HUD operates from notecards I stick in side it that are updated once a week. I have plans to just have the tour HUD talk directly to the same database that the list operates from, which means that the tour HUD itself will not need to be updated anywhere nearly as often as before (once a week). This is going to be really great - just wear the HUD and the galleries are going to be accurate.

So please go take a look at http://sasun.info/ArtGalleriesOfSL.aspx and let me know what you think!


  1. I'm not sure about this change, Sasun. I went to that same site before, and could use the features of clicking on galleries per name, new ones, etc. Which was a good feature for me to check on things. Now the only way to view it is by the rating. Ofcourse the rating is fun, but I think the site should offer more possibilities to view the list. Also, what I really miss is the possibility to have the artist's website linked. That's something the artists who's art is in my galleries really appreciate. There's also no difference anymore between general and erotic galleries. Maybe there should be, specially with the new policy on adult content coming up.

  2. Aww, I just saw all the features I mentioned before work again :)
    And I can even choose to see either all or one of the 3 categories:)
    Plus I get the websites now by clicking on the gallery name!!
    Way cool, Sasun, I love it now :)
    You're the best!!

  3. It looks just fine, Thanks Sasun

  4. I had a problem with the column sorting when I first published the new list, which I've since fixed, so now you should be able to sort on any of the columns, and I just made a new addition, the "New" checkbox next to the category dropdown, so now you can see just the galleries added within the last 7 days. The "new" column is now completely automatic. Newly added kiosks are marked "new" for exactly 7 days after showing up in the list the first time. In the past it was something I had to clear automatically once a week. This is much better!

    Good comment on the erotic/adult thing, I think for now I'm going to leave it basically as a divisition between PG and Mature+Adult. It's really not the same thing, since the Erotic designation is for galleries that specialize in erotic photography/images, not galleries that have a mix or just a few erotic images scattered about. It's just a way for list readers that want to avoid that kind of thing to easily skip that whole category of galleries.