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Friday, July 10, 2009

Top Kiosk Clicks of the Month

Since last November I've been collecting stats on which gallery kiosk is getting clicked the most - which means that gallery is giving out the most copies of the gallery list and HUD. So here are the top three galleries for the past few months helping spread the good word about art in SL - these are my heros of the month - congratulations!!


  1. Museum of Philosophy & Art Gallery - Georgio Monentes
  2. Uninversity of Delaware Art Gallery - Firery Broome
  3. Fotoscope - Korgi Lerwick, Squishypaint Aabye


  1. Museum of Philosophy & Art Gallery - Georgio Monentes
  2. Uninversity of Delaware Art Gallery - Firery Broome
  3. Paris Art - Artichoo Despres

Thank you and congrats!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sasun's Best Galleries of SL - updated

From time to time I'm asked what my favorite art gallery is. Of course I could never narrow it down to just one, but out of the 600+ galleries just on this list, just a handful have made it on to my personal list of favorites, and I'd like to share it with you. This is entirely personal and subjective. I tend to recommend bigger galleries with a lot of diversity, high quality, and tend to prefer 3D scripted art experiences. If you know of a gallery that you believe should be on this best of the best list, please comment! And now the list, in order from first added to most recent at the bottom:

Crescent Moon Museum - Tayzia Abattoir
Artropolis - Filthy Fluno
Museum of Hyperformalism - Dancoyote Antonelli
The Grand Gallery - Tommy Parrott
SL Art Community Center - Mar Dwi
Blackwater Sculpture Art Gallery - Jurin Juran
Tubular Gallery (multiple locations) - elros Tuominen
Cienega Soon Juicy Gallery - Cienega Soon
AG3 Gallery at Angelgate - White Lebed
Art Box - Frankie Rockett
Pirats Art Network Permanent Art Gallery - Newbab Zsigmond
Art Hub - jeanette Burnstein

Friday, July 3, 2009

Gallery text reviews now available!

I've got a test version of a nice update that allows you to see full text reviews that people have been leaving for art galleries deployed live at http://sasun.info. If you go to the Gallery list from the menu there, then hover over some review stars, with any luck (if that gallery has any full text reviews) they will show in a nice little popup. I love it!

The new kiosks have had the ability for people to leave text reviews by clicking a review star on a kiosk or HUD, then immediately leaving a review on channel 8 (i.e. "/8 this gallery has some great art!"). All those text reviews have been saved and are now available for the first time in the little popups over the rating stars. So get out there and leave some text reviews of some galleries after you rate them!! People will be reading them! This is a great way to find out what other people think of your gallery, or galleries you are thinking of visiting.

Note that you can only have ONE star rating and one text review, per gallery. You can always re-rate/re-review that gallery, which simply updates your last review with the new info.

Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Promotional Partnership with metaLIFE

I'd like to announce a new partnership with metaLIFE today. Soon some metaLIFE seller kits will be going out to all the kiosk owners to help them take advantage of this partnership. My hope is that by getting more art for sale in their system, gallery owners' art will get more exposure across the grid. The text below will be going out with the kits. I really hope you can try this out, put a few things for sale in the system, and see how it goes. MetaLIFE is new, so don't expect a lot of sales right off the bat. But it's growing, and if we can get involved as a group, will really be a great way for people to shop for art anywhere on the grid.

Even if you are not an artist/gallery owner, I hope that people interested in promoting art in SL can help by setting up a sales kiosk somewhere and earn some commissions from the sales along the way as well!

Dear Art Gallery Owners:

The Art Gallery Owners group and metaLIFE, a Grid-Wide Marketplace, are announcing a new partnership today. This partnership will help gallery owners like you better connect with your customers by helping art lovers travel to your in-world galleries and making it easy for people to shop for your art from your gallery or any other place all across Second Life.

metaLIFE platform is both :

  1. A grid-wide system for easy sales/affiliated sales/shopping
  2. A landmark database of interesting locations across Second Life

The new Art gallery kiosks are already integrated with the metaLIFE travel database, which means when someone rates an art gallery via the new art gallery kiosks or tour HUDs, those votes are automatically forwarded to the metaLIFE travel database, making them accessible all across the grid. This is a big win for art in SL, making it easier for shoppers and travelers using the metaLIFE in-world tools and website to find your gallery.

Now we'd like to step up the benefit of the metaLIFE platform by informing you of how you can get your art for sale directly in the metaLIFE platform and get exposed to more shoppers across Second Life. Included with this notecard is a metaLIFE kit with everything you need to start selling your art on the metaLIFE platform today. Joining metaLIFE and listing your items is easy and free!

The metaLIFE platform is new and growing fast. This is an exciting opportunity for the art gallery community to get in and be a strong presence in the metaLIFE platform as it grows and be a great place to find art.

Simple steps will get you started!
  1. Join metaLIFE - Visit the metaLIFE website (http://meta-life.net/) and set up an account in just 2 steps. Video tutorial

  2. Add your items to metaLIFE for sale. Video tutorial

That's it :) your items are now for sale all across the grid via metaLIFE platform (on the metaLIFE websiteand the in-world network of metaKIOSK's and metaHUD's)

One powerful service of the metaLIFE platform is metaBRANDS, a next generation for creating affiliated/franchised networks. I have created a metaBRAND called "Art Galleries of SL". This is a way for all of the art gallery owners involved with metaLIFE to work together under a common, recognizable quality brand name to help promote art in SL under the metaLIFE platform.

Join the "Art Galleries of SL" Brand on metaLIFE:

Watch this video tutorial on how to join the "Art Galleries of SL" metaBRAND.

  1. Go to the Art Galleries of SL metaBrand pageand click the JOIN button to join the brand.
  2. Inform Sasun Steinbeck and she will promote you to Seller status. Anyone applying to sell under this brand must be approved personally by Sasun before joining. Only approved art dealers will be allowed in.
  3. Rez a metaKIOSK from the package you were given where you want to sell/resell items.
  4. Set the brand on your kiosk to "Art Galleries of SL" at your kiosks page. When you assign a metaKIOSK to this brand, you will also earn 5% commission on everything under the "Art Galleries of SL" brand sold by your metaKIOSK! This means for example if you sell a piece of art for 1000L$ from your kiosk, you earn extra 50L$!

Once you are promoted to Seller status - you will be able to add your items for sale in "Art Galleries of SL" brand:

  1. Click Add/Remove items while you are in brand and select groups of items you want to sell. Video tutorial
  2. Create Items Groups if you don't have any. Video tutorial

All items will be listed for sale on every metaKIOSK set to this brand!

Additional :

Once you've had a chance to explore the goodies in your package and set up your metaKIOSK, check out the cool metaHUD in featured items. The metaHUD lets you explore places to travel and lets you shop for items in the metaLIFE platform right from Second Life.