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Friday, July 3, 2009

Gallery text reviews now available!

I've got a test version of a nice update that allows you to see full text reviews that people have been leaving for art galleries deployed live at http://sasun.info. If you go to the Gallery list from the menu there, then hover over some review stars, with any luck (if that gallery has any full text reviews) they will show in a nice little popup. I love it!

The new kiosks have had the ability for people to leave text reviews by clicking a review star on a kiosk or HUD, then immediately leaving a review on channel 8 (i.e. "/8 this gallery has some great art!"). All those text reviews have been saved and are now available for the first time in the little popups over the rating stars. So get out there and leave some text reviews of some galleries after you rate them!! People will be reading them! This is a great way to find out what other people think of your gallery, or galleries you are thinking of visiting.

Note that you can only have ONE star rating and one text review, per gallery. You can always re-rate/re-review that gallery, which simply updates your last review with the new info.

Let me know what you think!


  1. That is working very well Sasun..You are doing so much good work for us artists.


  2. Hovering over sars gives a popup of the text ... but if it's long I cannot bring my mouse over to see the entire comment, the text disappears before I can click it. Tried in IE8 and Chrome. ... a great idea though, ust needs a bit if tweaing :)

  3. And, I do not recommend typing on laptops in the dark. Spelling errors imminent. :)

  4. As an artist, showing my work in Second Life, i am so very grateful to all your efforts to make this beautyful new dimension of existence, an even better place (can i call it place ? ;))

    Thank you so very much Sasun