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Friday, August 28, 2009

Updated gallery kiosks coming!

The updated kiosks are almost out of beta test and I will soon be offering them to all the gallery owners. These new kiosks include a built in visitor counter and item giver that you can customize, so that when guests arrive you can give them a nice welcome message and a notecard about the current exhibit, for example. In addition the new kiosks have a menu item that take you to your custom gallery visitor chart so you can see unique visitors for selectable time periods. I'm very excited about this!

Another cool thing I'm tracking is all the clicks on SLURLs from the list on http://sasun.info as well as all the HUD clicks. So now I can actually show exactly how many people I've sent to all the art galleries on the list. This is important data that I plan to write some more about in my next post, so stay tuned!

Most of the changes to the kiosks have been under the covers, I've completely re-written the basic communication protocol to use the new LSL HTTP-in functions which have made the entire system WAY faster and I can handle a much larger load of kiosks with each Kiosk.Net server. Soon I'll be starting beta test with the servers and get the system out on the market. It will be nice to finally get some income from all this work!

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