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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Banned from 170 sims

Today's drama - I was banned from 170 sims. Yep, little 'ol me.

On 9/15 I received unsolicited advertising notecard spam sent directly to me from one angel4sky Shepherd. As it says in my profile, I abuse report spammers. So I AR'd her for spamming and told her I did to hopefully make her stop (I know, fat chance) and spare others the spam.

Her reply made me laugh, rudely, in her face:

[2009/09/16 14:40] angel4sky Shepherd: (Saved Wed Sep 16 10:10:08 2009) i ve reported you because of being a bit strange to report people because of one notecard, much fun in a club where the guests start 100 times the same gesture..^^

English is not her native tongue, but what she seems to mean is that she's justifying spamming lots of people because people in nightclubs spam gestures hundres of times. Hello?!? Earth to angel4sky, come in, we're not reading you!

It turns out she is an Estate Manager for a very large number of sims, and in retaliation against my AR she not only AR'd me back (or claimed to) but banned me from the entire estate of 170+ sims. I found out since I couldn't get to a particular sim where my sculpture is on display. Much confusion and waste of time ensued by me and the two sim owners trying to figure out how in the world I got banned and in getting me un-banned by Bell Joubert, the estate owner (nice guy). After that, I finally remembered who this angel4sky person was and put 2+2 together. I wrote the estate manager a note complaining that his trusted estate manager is abusing her power banning people from the estate for personal reasons. Hopefully he will take the appropriate steps to make sure that kind of abuse never happens again.

I'm glad this got sorted out. Having to recommend that gallery owners never rent or buy from Bell Estates due to some crazy estate manager blocking my access to the kiosks and galleries would not have been my first choice.

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