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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beginner's guide to Art in the world of Second Life

I stumbled on this fantastic document aimed at RL artists unfamiliar with SL that want to get their feet wet. This handout was given at the recent Southwest Arts Conference 2009 in a session called CyberSWAC: A World of Possibilities with Second Life.

From the Conference program:
Did you know that artists and arts organizations generate work in Second
Life to earn real-world cash? This session will demonstrate the potential
creative and commercial uses of Second Life, a free 3D virtual world imagined
and created by its residents. From the unique perspectives of an individual
artist, a small Phoenix art and cultural organization and a national
art museum, each presenter will demonstrate and discuss the benefits of
working in Second Life.

Presenters: Apryl Seech, Artist; Patty Barnes, Co-Director, Spirit of the
Senses; Thomas Houlon, Co-Director, Spirit of the Senses; Melissa
Carrillo, New Media and Technology Director, Smithsonian Latino Center,

Wow! Does anyone know any of these people, and who specifically authored this document? I want to give them a personal thank you. This is great stuff and a fantastic resource to keep a link to for your artist friends that seem curious once you tell them what you do with all your free time :)


  1. Hi Sasun:)

    I stumbled upon your blog with my name embedded in it:)

    I was one of the presenters at the 2009 Cyber SWAC conference.

    I 'd be more than happy to send you my powerpoint presentation as well.

    Great resource for museums and art galleries exploring immersive learning via MUVEs such as Second Life;)

    Glad I found your post!


  2. Hey I'd love to chat. Email me at sasunsteinbeck at gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon!