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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some People... part II

She's at it again. She's not selling her stolen images, but simply displaying them is copyright theft nonetheless, since Second Life is a commercial application that benefits from the display of art in galleries such as hers. Alexandra Sautereau has her illegal Victor Vasarely images in her Zeroform Sautereau gallery at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mirandirge/13/30/44 (where I am banned, amusingly enough). What's interesting is that now that I've had a chance to look at these images, inside the frames is a notecard named "zeroform + sautereau authenticity card" which I find highly suspicious, as if there is some scam going on to fool people into thinking that this is not actually a illegal Vasarely image but something that Alexandra created herself. I don't know since I can't read the notecard. But what else could it be if someone other than the creator is giving out supposed certificates of authenticity?

The last time I paid Alexandra a visit, she was selling these items as well as some Mark Ryland images, for profit. When confronted, she quickly took them all down but then refused to admit there was anything wrong with selling art she "found" on the internet, such as Mark's site where his copyright notice is clearly posted.

I've emailed Victor's representative and notified them of the illegal usage of his images, so the ball's in their court if they want to file a DMCA against Alexandra. I'd file an abuse report if it weren't a waste of time, since LL doesn't do anything even against blatant and admitted art theft as in this case unless a DMCA is filed.

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