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Thursday, November 19, 2009

metaLIFE Partnership Going Strong!

Dear Art Gallery Owners and Artists:

With the recent announcement by Linden Labs about XstreetSL freebies, I wanted to remind you about our ongoing partnership with metaLIFE and the Art Gallery Owner's group as a great alternative and addition to XstreetSL.

This partnership will help gallery owners and artists like you better connect with your customers by helping art lovers travel to your in-world galleries and making it easy for people to shop for your art from anywhere in Second Life.

The metaLIFE platform is both:
  1. A grid-wide system for easy sales/affiliated sales/shopping
  2. A landmark database of interesting locations across Second Life

My Art Galleries of SL kiosks are already integrated with the metaLIFE travel database, which means when someone rates an art gallery via the art gallery kiosks or tour HUDs, those votes are automatically forwarded to the metaLIFE travel database, making them accessible all across the grid. This is a big win for art in SL, making it easier for shoppers and travelers using the metaLIFE in-world tools and website to find your gallery.

You can get your art for sale directly in the metaLIFE platform yourself and get exposed to more shoppers across Second Life. Joining metaLIFE and listing your items is easy and there are no up front costs or monthly fees!

The metaLIFE platform is growing fast. This is an exciting opportunity for the art gallery community to get in and be a strong presence in the metaLIFE platform as it grows and be a great place to find lots of good art.

Follow these steps to get you started:

  1. Join metaLIFE - Visit the metaLIFE website and set up an account in just two steps. Video tutorial
  2. Add items to sell. Either go to the Sellers Guide, or see this Video tutorial

Your items are now for sale on the metaLIFE website and the in-world network of metaLIFE vendors and metaHUD's.

I have created a special, customized metLIFE vendor for the Art Galleries of SL group and have distributed this to everyone that currently owns one of my art gallery kiosks. If you didn't receive it, please contact me. This is a great way for all of the artists and art gallery owners involved with metaLIFE to work together under a common, recognizable quality brand name to help promote art in SL.

To sell art under the "Art Galleries of SL" Brand:

  1. Go to the Art Galleries of SL metaBrand page and click the JOIN button to join the brand.
  2. Inform Sasun Steinbeck and she will promote you to Seller status. Anyone applying to sell under this brand must be approved personally by Sasun before joining. Only approved art dealers will be allowed in.
  3. Rez the Art Galleries of SL branded metaLIFE vendor from the package you were given where you want to sell items, or go get one at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vertigo/98/126/29.

When someone buys something from one of your vendors, you will earn 5% commission on everything under the "Art Galleries of SL" brand sold by your vendor!

Once you are promoted to Seller status, your items marked for sale under the "Art Galleries of SL" brand will automatically show up for sale in all branded vendors across the grid. To do this:

  1. Create an Item Group for your art. Simply name it, click create, and Add/Remove items. Video tutorial
  2. Go to the Art Galleries of SL metaBrand page and click Add/Remove items (at the upper right). Select the group of items you want to sell in the branded vendors.

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