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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Group Gallery Tour next Tuesday, Dec 15th noon

This should be fun. Some gallery owner friends approached me after hearing me talk about the tour HUD, and my desire to organize some group tours, which the tour HUD supports already. They said we should make it happen, so now it is!

I have a standalone version of the Gallery HUD that I sell commercially that would be perfect for some pre-chosen locations, so we are going to give it an official public test run next tuesday, Dec 15th at noon PST for a 1 (or 2) hour tour. The intent is to raise some awareness of the gallery rating system and get some more ratings for some galleries we'll pick out beforehand. And make sure the group tour mode works! :)

It will be fun! Guided tours are a great way to socialize and explore some new places. Hope to see you there! secondlife://Optimal/35/143/29


  1. Hi Sasun -
    Would you consider doing a tour in later SLT hours? I would love to go on one :) I am in RL close to SLT so noon on a weekday is hard for me.

    Thanks for considering :)
    Kim (Bistro Olive)

  2. Yes we sure will! This is just an experimental tour, we'll see how it goes, but yes that is definitely a good suggestion, thanks.